Nym Interview


Spread your Love: Hello Nym! We really like your music but we don’t know much about you.  Tell us a bit about yourself.
Nym: I measure twice and cut once. I love living in San Francisco and listening to forgotten records. I think it’s important to be healthy and to help the less fortunate.
SyL:  You are making introspective and cinematic music. Your tracks are full of atmosphere. What forced you at that path?
Nym : Melodies talk, and I listen for the ones that have something interesting to say. My music is visual. Each song is representative of an imagined physical place. Certain melodies and vibes attract me much more than others … although I can’t explain how, I think the why is evident in the music that I write.
Syl :  ”Trembling in the stone- a charity record” is the name of your new album! Tell us a few things about the trembling …
Nym : This is an album composed of my interpretations of lesser known good songs that I have encountered over the years. Each song is based off something beautiful, and I hope to have improved the original with my own instrumentation. Out of respect to both the contributing artists and to humanity at large, all proceeds from the album will be donated to secular charities named by the Foundation Beyond Belief.
SyL: The album is dedicated to Brad Parker and Ross Scaife. Can you tells us a few things about those people.
Nym : Yes. Allen Ross Scaife is my uncle and namesake. Brad Parker is a dear friend and mentor. Both died during formulative years of my development. They rest forever and no more, but have left a lasting influence on my commitment to my cause. I will never forget them.
SyL:  Your are well known as one of those guys who play the MPC the way one would play a traditional instrument. Tell us about the first time that you thought of doing that.
Nym: 16 grey squares! contemporary musical instruments are musical instruments. I play my mpc like a drum kit.
SyL:  You maintain a solid reputation as an electronics hacker, building your own midi controllers with innovative use of non-musical elements (infrared cameras, candles) for use in live shows. What are you doing man ?
Nym: I am an evil scientist. I spend some of my time fooling around with microprocessors and hackable components. in doing so, I found a way to turn gestural expression into controllable sound. I am at the quiet forefront of Arthur Clarke’s 3rd law..
Syl :  We can see a connection between you and nature. Is nature an inspiration for you?
Nym: Spaces are inspiration – from a locked cupboard to a sun-beaten field. a lot of my songs have ties to certain natural spaces. the “where” is always unpredictable, but very self-confident. People who enjoy my music tend to do it for the best reasons – they like to be transported to a weird space. i write music that seizes specific emotions and doesn’t let go. this is the strength of instrumental music – it says everything it needs to say through vibes and melodies.
Syl: Name us 2 of your favourites books ,films, albums.
Nym: This is the most cruel question. At this point, it is too difficult to name a favorite album. I think, in 2013, the album is diminished due to the holy “playlist.” this is not a bad thing – good albums will always be good albums.
movies…”The Thing” by John Carpenter is so good. I think i was Kurt Russel in a past life.
songs…i never get sick of the “No Image” instrumental by blue sky black death
books….Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle is great, as are Ray Bradbury’s short stories
films…without giving too much away, I’ve been enjoying a lot of 60s thru 80s Italian films recently.
Thank you so much for listening.

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