Interview with Deluxe


SYL : Hi guys! It’s an honour to have you on our show! What’s the band doing at the moment?

DELUXE : We’re super duper busy touring on the weekends, and working on brand new tracks for Chinese Man’s Groove Sessions vol.3 on week days! In this very instant the boys are sequencing these tracks, and man we’re very excited to release them!

SYL : Your music is highly influenced by swing, jazz and funk .Tell us about the difficulty of cooking all these different kind of elements to come up with the sound of “Deluxe”.

DELUXE : Playing with these different styles feels more like a need than a difficulty! We don’t impose it upon ourselves to stick with any specific one; a track will make its way to the album only if it satisfies our twelve ears! Very much like the diversity of music we listen to!


SYL  : Your latest EP is titled “Daniel”. Why do you choose to be that name?

DELUXE : Daniel is the name we all wear proudly on stage when the time comes to present each musician to the crowd. We’ve been dragging that joke since the early days playing in the streets of Aix!

SYL : Tell us about your new video clip!

DELUXE : Making music? It’s hilarious! Ken Samuels, the superactor we met by the most incredible hazard on a beach in Britanny last summer, agreed to work with us. We tried to follow the song’s title and it turned out to be a pretty funny one.

SYL : It there a person, album, book or anything else that inspired you to record your latest EP?

DELUXE : Henri Diez – Les bruits de la maison

SYL : You’ve had a great number of live performances this year, how was touring? Any interesting stories to tell us?

DELUXE : Well we nearly lost our lives in the battle this summer, specially the month we played 18 shows in a 23 day fork! But touring this much is a childhood dream, and we hope to do it as long as we live! So much has happened I would’nt know what to tell you… Our drummer passed out and we had to stop the show after only 45′ last weekend because the venue didnt have any air passing through? Pretty hardcore, great experience!!


SYL : We couldn’t find any clue about the beginning of the band so we are curious about how did the band start?

DELUXE :  We are what you would call teenagehood friends! Actually two of us, Kilo (the drummer / DJ / choreographer / psychologist) and Kaya (Bass player / main hammer / poetic quaterback) have known each other since they were 8 years old! Then they met Pietre (guitare / keys / hamster breeder ) in middle school. Later, more specifically during  high school came Soubri (percussions / machines / gymnastics / hairdresser) and Pépé (saxophone, trumpet, trombone, flute, clarinett, didgeridoo, midnight jogger, banjo, bunjy jumping, 78 years old). The five boys played in Aix en provence’s streets for many years before meeting Liliboy (lead singer, chef of security) by a wonderful hazard, one evening after gigging around downtown.

SYL : Do you have ”pretty flaws”  ?

DELUXE : We fart when we pee. In line. Playing chords.

SYL : Which do you think will be the future of the music? Financially and artistically.

DELUXE : Never stop the projects, keep meeting and working with incredible artists, make the impossible possible, live long and strong!! What else?

SYL : ‘Deluxe ” music or ”Deluxe” life ?  Which is the one that you aim for?

DELUXE : One doesn’t go without the other! No distinction. This musical project IS our life. I might have not understood your question?


DELUXE : Stay tuned for the Groove Sessions vol.3 out in april 2014, and most important, come and see us live in your town (we can’t wait to visit Greece!!! All our tour dates are one


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